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  • Up to 30,000 Employees
  • Up to 12 pay rates per employee
  • Up to 24 user defined deductions
  • Print laser/inkjet pay cheques
  • Deposit payroll cheques direct to employee's bank
  • Create employee T4s
  • Create record of employment forms
  • Create custom reports
  • EFile T4s to Canada Revenue Agency
  • Free demo software


Canadian Payroll FAQ's

Question: How many companies can the payroll system handle?

Answer: The system can handle up to 99 separate companies

Question: What is the cost for the payroll software?

Answer: The Canadian payroll software is only $99.95 to purchase the complete package.

Question: What are the costs for payroll updates?

Answer: The costs for payroll updates are $99.95 per update. The government releases tax changes for January 1 every year. On occasion, an additional update is released for July 1. Depending upon the changes you may wish to purchase the update if it affects your employees.

Question: How many employees can I have in the payroll system?

Answer: The system will allow up to 32,000 employees per payroll company or dependant upon disk space.

Question: Will the payroll system produce T4s at the end of the year?

Answer: Yes, the system will produce laser T4s for both the employee and employer copies. As of January 2004, the system will allow you to electronically file T4s. The system will also produce the T4 employer summary.

Question: Can I create custom reports to meet my requirements?

Answer: Yes, The system has the ability to create customer reports from the data you have entered into the system.

Question: How long does it take to process my order to purchase the payroll system or an update?

Answer: Your order will be processed immediately. Once payment has been confirmed you will receive and email with download instructions along with your personal activation key. You can download the latest software release at any time and will be able to do so with your download instructions until the next payroll release is available.

Question: Can I electronically file ROEs (Record of Employment)?

Answer: Yes, If you have signed up on the ROE government website to electronically file, the system will generate the electronic submission file for you.